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Please fill the application out completely. Enter an ID Number at least 8 digits long that you can remember. You do not need to enter your Drivers License Number. Make sure your email address is correct. You will be notified via email when you application has been approved. At that time you will be able to schedule Remote Visits using your email address and ID number you created to login.

At the Colleton County Detention Center it is out intent to assure that your visitation experience is as safe and pleasant as possible. 
1. Only keys and photo ID are allowed inside visitation room. 
2. Leave all personal effects such as purses or bags, cell phones and smoking materials in your vehicle. They will not be allowed in the visitation room. 
3. If you attempt to enter the facility with these items, you will be asked to leave the building to secure the items before returning for your scheduled visit. 
4. Halter tops, underwear-type t-shirts (i.e. camisoles, "wife beaters", etc) tank tops, net shirts, short skirts/shorts, or any type of shirt and/or pants made with see-thru fabric are not allowed by any visitor (male or female). 
5. Visitors under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be admitted to the facility. 
We have not intention of depriving you of your visits with your loved one. Inmates and detention staff are our top priority. 
- Once you have entered the visitation area you are not allowed to leave until your visit is complete. 
- You will not be allowed to return to the visitation area once you return to the lobby. 
- NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 6 ARE ALLOWED. All children entering the Detention Center must be accompanied by an adult. 
- Please keep your child / children under your care and control at all times.  
- Please keep all unnecessary noise to a minimum while waiting in the lobby due to others in the visitation area and possible court hearings that may be in progress. 
For assistance please contact Customer Service at (904)497-4707.  
Thank you.