Instructions on how to Schedule Facility Visit  
Enter your email address or your name  
The ID Number on File will be your DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER  
(EXAMPLE H12345635841235)  
Step 1 - Select the date you wish to visit. Must be 24 hours in advance.  
Step 2 - Select the inmate you wish to visit.  
Step 3 - Select any Visitor Station  
(This is where you will sit at the facility)  
Once you select a Visitor Station the time slots available for the Inmate Station will be shown. If you see blue or gray blocks on the time slots that means the time is already scheduled for someone else. If you do not see the time you wish to schedule available select another visitor station.  
Step 4 - Once you have decided on a Visitor Station click on the time you wish to start your visit, a green block will be displayed.  
A Visitation session can be scheduled every 30 minutes.  
The Start Time and End Time will be displayed.  
Step 5 - After you have selected your start time, click the SAVE Button.  
Step 6 - After you have saved your choice select the Review Schedule tab to verify the session was scheduled.  
Violating any visitation policies will result in session cancellation.
For assistance please contact Customer Service at (904)497-4707.  
Thank you.